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The Gymnastics Course

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Driven by Service

The Gymnastics Course is a professional coaching development seminar, lead and developed by a team of expert level coaches from around the world aimed to create and elicit potential from professional trainers, coaches, gym-owners, and athletes. Our goal is to utilize the information and methodology of Gymnastics, and Body movement to augment your training and/or coaching as we have for over a decade. We hope to play a role in your ability to better train and grow within your fitness goals!


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Here’s what you will learn at The Gymnastics Course:

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Understanding Gymnastic Movement

Gymnastics is purely body weight movement. The human body is infinitely complex. Add task completion or time priority and gymnastics can be overwhelming. We will teach you to understand it differently.


Movement Assessment

There is no greater modality than Gymnastics to affect change on a population. The essence of Gymnastics is merely coordination. Recruiting the right musculature for the right task. Simple in concept, this becomes increasingly complex as movement becomes more compound. We will teach you to see and correct movement more simply.

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How to Spot and Self Spot

The goal of any coach is to progress an athlete as quickly and safely as possible. There is no faster route to gymnastic success than spotting and self spotting.

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Programming and Scaling

Gymnastics programming doesn’t need to be hard. It just needs to be often. We will teach you to effectively program gymnastics regularly to support skill development as well as responsible intensity.

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Class Management

Product delivery is key. In the training world, you’re only as good as your last class. We will help you develop the ideal class plan, while productively implementing gymnastics exposure.



This was a AMAZING course! Well planned out and the instructors couldn’t have been better! What would normally be a long day seemed to fly. I would definitely recommend this course to anyone looking to increase their gymnastics.
— Matt
It was fantastic with superb demonstrations, very good presentation skills by trainer and demonstrator, great facility and location.
— Kelly Nieves
I thought the course was great! It ran well, it valued time and the instructors were AWESOME- knowledgable, charismatic, fun. They added a lot of entertainment to the course.
— Jessica Rancillo
This course is absolutely amazing, lectures are done perfectly for coaches.
— Federico Mori
I cannot seem to find the right words to convey how inspiring this weekend was for me and my learning and progressing towards virtuosity in my own coaching.
— Katelyn Wilson, Arkansas
The course was very hands-on and I walked away with great tools (progressions, drills, knowledge, etc) to bring back with me to my own gym as a coach and as an athlete.
— Morgan Krempa, North Carolina

As an athlete, the course provided excellent feedback for how I can continue to improve not only my gymnastics but also my approach to training in general.. Worth every penny.
— Kevin Hatch, Indiana



We will work diligently and patiently with you from day 1 to ensure you have the tools and resources necessary to perform professionally and athletically at the highest level. We promise to be the most effective weekend of learning in your pursuit of development. Delivering in elegance, simplicity, efficacy, and ease of implementation.


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About Me

MY NAME IS Jeff Tucker

I have worked tirelessly around the world the last 12 years within this community, previously under the moniker of CrossFit Gymnastics - Subject Matter Expert.  I am honored to be a part of such a grand scheme of fitness and grow CrossFit’s community.  We have worked toward developing a team of like minded coaches with varied backgrounds and expertise within gymnastics, fitness, and body movement in order to better serve trainers, coaches, and CrossFit faithful.  My goals are evolving to move like minded individuals toward basic strength needs of body weight training and beyond to that of advanced body awareness and movement.  We want to teach you to coach, spot, study, and recognize all gymnastic needs for the community we serve.

My team and I have coached hundreds of seminars over the past 12 years in countries all over the globe. Through our many interactions with thousands of coaches and athletes we have created a seminar that forever changes the fitness journey of those who invest in its attendance. I and my staff know that we have developed the world's best gymnastic education experience for fitness enthusiasts and coaching practitioners. Bold claim? Surely. However, we feel confident in making it based not on our own gravitas, but based on an outpouring of positive feedback that we have garnered in over a decade of service.

I believe their is no higher calling than to offer service – and we look forward to serving you.  Please let us know how we can all be of service.

-Coach Tucker